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Buffalo Bills Offense finally "Barkley's" up the right tree

The Buffalo Bills offense has been in the dog house for most of the season. The last time the team scored more than 13 points was Week 3 against the Minnesota Vikings. In a desperate attempt to get some production out of the position, the Bills signed the scrappy Matt "Bark-ley" to lead their offense until their young pup Josh Allen can fully heal.

Barkley was an instant hit in his first game with the team against the New York Jets. He was more than ready to fetch some points for Buffalo's offense. It took the Bills just two plays to score. The first play was a 47 yard bomb to Robert Foster, followed by a 28 yard touchdown run by LeSean McCoy.

The Bills next scoring drive involved a fake punt from their own 47 yard line on 4th and 5. On the play, Logan Thomas threw a pass to Robert Foster for 15 yards and the first down. On the same drive, they completed a pass to Zay Jones who extended towards the end zone. Jones fumbled on the play but it was recovered by Jason Croom for a touchdown to increase the Bills lead to 14 to 0.

You want proof that every dog has its day? On the next Bills drive, Matt Barkley lobbed a pass way up in the air like he was Henry Rowengartner from Rookie of the Year tossing up "The Floater". Somehow, Zay Jones came down with the pass for a nice completion setting up a field goal and a 17 to 0 lead.

The excitement wasn't over though. Matt Barkley must not be an old dog, because he had some new tricks for the Jets. He tossed a touchdown pass to left tackle, Dion Dawkins, who had reported eligible on the play, expanding the Bills lead to 24 to 0.

A Matt Milano interception and return, set up the Bills last offensive possession of the half. They ran the ball right at the Jets and into their end zone to extend their lead to 31 to 0 at the half.

The Bills began the game like a bunch of excited puppies who couldn't wait to play. Their first six drives ended in a touchdown, punt, touchdown, field goal, touchdown and touchdown. All that scoring and playing in the first half must have tired those pups out as they took the heat off the Jets in the second half. The final score of the game was Bills 41 - Jets 10.

Buffalo's 41 points were eight more than they had scored in the past four games combined and just four points less than they scored in the previous five weeks. Seeing their offense spark to life reminded me of another event going on for me on the same day.

Earlier on the day of the game, I just so happened to be driving by Metlife Stadium on my way to New Jersey to pick up a 2004 Corolla that I was buying used. Sure it had manual locks, manual windows, and some body damage, but with the right person behind the wheel and some tender love and care, I could spark it back to life and get this baby humming again like old times. Yes it's a Corolla to most people, but to me if treated right, it's a "Co-Rolls Royce".

Had I known what an afternoon Matt Barkley was going to have, I would have pulled into Metlife Stadium on my way home and watched the game live. I can picture it now...driving home after the win, music blasting, windows manually rolled down, head out the window, enjoying the wind on my face with my tongue hanging out, just having the best time. All because Matt Barkley was a very, very, good boy on Sunday. Now, somebody give him a belly rub immediately!

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