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Josh Allen leaps from Wyoming mountains to NFL main stage

The Buffalo Bills squared off against the Minnesota Vikings in what certainly seemed like a death match for the Bills without their star running back LeSean McCoy in the lineup but that's why they play the games and I'm sure glad they played this one!

The Bills started the game with the ball on a drive that was extended by a Vikings penalty on third down. Without the penalty, the Bills would have been forced to punt. Josh Allen was not about to let this opportunity slip away. On 2nd and 9 at the Minnesota 10, he scrambled around before running towards the corner of the end zone and stretching out with the ball to touch the pylon for a touchdown. His body was completely vertical to the ground like an angel hovering over the earth giving the Bills a 7 to 0 lead.

When Minnesota had possession, Trent Murphy stripped sacked Kirk Cousins to give the Bills the ball deep in the Vikings territory. Allen threw a beautiful ball to Kelvin Benjamin who dropped it faster than Eminem drops a diss track on anyone who brings up his daughter, forcing Buffalo to settle for 3 points to take a 10 - 0 lead.

Jerry Hughes played like he was possessed (potentially by Gary Hughes). He strip sacked Kirk Cousins and Matt Milano recovered the ball for the Bills. After displaying his superior running skills before, Josh Allen wanted to show off some of his passing skills. He wasted no time connecting with Jason Croom for a 26 yard touchdown that gave the Bills a 17 - 0 lead.

The Bills decided to lay off the Vikings and let them punt on their next possession, rather than strip sacking them again. On a 3rd down, Allen scrambled with the ball and was running straight at linebacker Anthony Barr certainly headed for a collision. Rather than try to go through him, he soared up above him like when Willie Mays Hayes lept over Jack Parkman to score the tying run of the AL Championship in Major League II.

Josh Allen picked up the first down, nearly gave me a heart attack, and earned my respect for life all on the same play. The leaping lizard wasn't done there though. On 4th and goal at the 1 yard line the Bills let Allen jump up and extend the ball over the goal line for the touchdown. It looked roughly like the below.

The Bills were now up 24 - 0. Buffalo would get the ball back after good pressure by Kyle Williams and Jerry Hughes on 3rd down and would add another field goal before half making it 27 - 0. The Vikings would manage just their second first down of the half on their last play of it.

The second half was mostly the Bills taking their foot off the pedal and going for a Sunday joy ride. Tre White had a phenomenal hit on Adam Thielen which was ruled a penalty because there was contact between their helmets. While the Bills offense relented in the second half, their defense did not. Matt Milano made a nice interception kicking the ball to himself while he was on the ground to bring it in with his Boston College Eagle claws.

The Vikings were able to get a touchdown late with a pass to Kyle Rudolph ruining the Bills shutout but they failed the two point attempt. The final score was Buffalo Bills 27 to 6 over the Minnesota Vikings just like everyone in the world expected.

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