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Buffalo Bills players as Foo Fighters Songs

Recently, I attended a Foo Fighters concert at Madison Square Garden. This was my fourth time seeing them live and they have never disappointed me. On the day of the show, I was getting pumped up for the concert by watching Foo Fighters videos on YouTube, playing air drums like a lunatic at my desk, and eating Mentos at a faster clip than they do in the video for the song "Big Me".

I got so hopped up on sugar, I decided to pair up Buffalo Bills players with Foo Fighters songs in a tweet and send it out through the interwebs. I enjoyed the concert so much that I wanted to elaborated on my reasons for the choices in a way that twitter doesn't really permit. So here goes...

My Hero: Kyle Williams

This was the easiest one. Kyle Williams is the heart and soul of the Buffalo Bills locker room. He's played his entire career for the team and has been one of their best and most dedicated players in that span. He's not only just a great defensive player but he's also a sneaky touchdown vulture when plugged in at fullback. In fact, he's scored a touchdown every time he's touched the ball on offense in his NFL career. He showcased his talents at fullback in the final game of the regular season last year cementing himself as one of the Bills most dynamic offensive threats.

Big Me: Star Lotulelei

Listed at 6 foot 2 inches and 315 pounds, Star Lotulelei's job will be to clog up the middle of the field eating up blockers like the many plates of food he probably has to eat to sustain his weight. Star's job is basically to be the "biggest me" he can be.

Run: LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy generated almost 33 percent of the Bills offensive yards last season. How they do this year will depend on his ability to run. No, not from the law, or at least we hope not after the recent allegations against him, but rather to run on the football field. If the Bills or the NFL find any wrongdoing in their investigations into the matter then the song will have to be changed to "Monkey Wrench" because he would have put a huge one into the Bills offensive plans for this season.

The Sky is a Neighborhood: Kelvin Benjamin

Kelvin Benjamin is the Bills tallest wide receiver who also has an incredible wingspan. He doesn't get a ton of separation on his routes due to his lack of breakaway speed and his weight, but based on his size and his ability to box out, "the sky is his neighborhood" and all the quarterback will need to do is to toss it up into that neighborhood so that only Benjamin can make a play on the ball.

Learn to Fly: Josh Allen

Whether or not Josh Allen starts this year is the biggest question on most Bills fans minds. Some want to see their shiny new toy out on the field immediately and others want him brought along slowly. Regardless of which path the team chooses, Allen's job is to "Learn to Fly". He needs to get better every single day with every rep the team affords him. His goal should be to become the best player he can be whether he's starting or not so that one day he can learn to fly high and take this team with him.

Everlong: Lorenzo Alexander

Also a candidate for "My Hero", Alexander more aptly fell into the song "Everlong" for me. Despite being a special teams player and playing multiple positions early in his career, Lorenzo found a way to make an impact around the league for many seasons with several teams. Alexander has enjoyed even more success in the twilight of his career with the Bills which makes me think of the lyrics from the song "If anything could ever feel this real forever. If anything could ever be this good again." Who knows when his performance will dwindle but I wouldn't bet against the man.


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