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Backstreet Bills: Quit playing games with my heart

The Buffalo Bills drafted rookie quarterback Josh Allen higher than any other quarterback in franchise history at No. 7 overall. Despite the lofty expectations that would come with such a selection, head coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane have been quick to tamper expectations for the rookie.

McDermott has mentioned they have a plan for the youngster and they will stick to it. If I had to describe said plan in a nutshell, I'd call it "He's just not that into you." The Bills have kept Allen with the 3rd string most of the time in minicamp, only allowing him a few opportunities with the 1st team. He's held his own, but he was shuffled back down to the bottom of depth chart shortly thereafter.

Watching this scenario unfold reminds me of a joke I once heard a comedian tell. I believe it was Chris Rock, but after I tried googling it, my search came up empty and since I'm on the border of being a millennial, I felt it was my duty to give up my search without further effort.

The premise of the joke was that a girl decides within the first minutes of meeting a man whether or not she intends to sleep with him. I believe Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane have done the same thing with Josh Allen but in the football sense.

They already know whether they are planning on going "all-the-way" with him Week 1 of this year, or if they are going to hold out and make him wait an entire season before they let him play on their field, or somewhere between. At the moment, it looks like the Bills are going to play hard to get for some period of time whether it's to motivate him or because he's not mature enough yet.

Between watching some of Allen's highlight clips and seeing him still with the third team, I'm starting to feel like Squints from the movie Sandlot when he is watching lifeguard Wendy Peffercorn at the pool who is "lotioning and oiling, oiling and lotioning. I can't take it anymore!" I just want the Bills to start Josh Allen so I can see that big arm play! Unlike Squints, I'm not looking to end up half drowned in a pool trying to get resuscitated by Josh Allen just so I can see his arm up close although I will not rule out the possibility.

Allen connected with Austin Proehl for a huge touchdown on the last play of minicamp. I thought at that moment the relationship was finally starting to bloom but as it turns out, the Bills once against were playing games with my heart and I should've known from the start. Buffalo decided they needed some time off and after six weeks away from each other, when Josh Allen comes crawling back to them, they will make him work his way up from the bottom.


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