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10 potential future Richie Incognito tweets

Richie "Tweety Bird" Incognito, the former/current, retired/unretired Buffalo Bills guard has been keeping the football world on their toes on twitter recently which has lead people to question whether he is on drugs, whether he has all his mental faculties, or if this is just him having some fun.

It all started when he fired his agent publicly on twitter on April 5th...

Then Richie retweeted Vic Carucci who reported Incognito's retirement from the NFL just five days after firing his agent...

Incognito then announced his "unretirement" three days after that and said he would attend the Bills offseason program...

Just one day later, he's now asking the Bills to release him from his contract and referred them to the agency he fired nine days prior...

There's so much conflicting information and ridiculousness in these tweets that my guess is he plans to retire and he's just goofing off and having fun with the public. Since I expect the crazy tweets to continue, I decided to come up with my own list of ten potential Incognito tweets from the future.

1) I've retired to become a lobbyist in Washington D.C. to fight a cause near and dear to my heart. #AHotDogIsNotASandwich

2) I've decided to join the WWE as the "Incognito Bandito". #FansTansAndBodySlams

3) I'm too sexy for my shirt and they won't let me play without a jersey, so I'm being forced to retire with the official designation "too sexy". #TooSexyItHurts

4) It was me who mettled in the election this year, not the Russians. #UndercoverAndIncognito

5) I've gotten my own cooking show called "Richie Incognito, the Pancake Maker". #PancakesAreFlatLikeTheEarth

6) I've received an offer to form a super group with Guy Ritchie. #GuyRitchieIncognito 7) I've decided to become a Buddhist Monk because like Budha, I'm very good at being chubby, sitting in the lotus position, and getting lost with the thoughts in my own head. #BuddhistEnthusiast

8) I'm running for president in 2020 #RichieIsItchyForChange

9) I'm headed to North Korea and unlike Dennis Rodman, I plan on single-handedly denuclearizing the peninsula. #PutUpYaDukesImComingForTheNukes 10) I suspect that the process has been seeing other people and I no longer can trust it. #SingleAndReadyToMingle


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