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Referees convince Santa to leave coal in Buffalo Bills stocking

Last Sunday on Christmas Eve, the Buffalo Bills squared off against the New England Patriots in Foxboro. The Bills traveling away from their families on the day before Christmas was emotional enough, but when they found out halfway through the game that the referees had convinced Santa to leave coal in their stocking, they broke down and the game got away from them.

It played out similar to their previous battle just two weeks prior. Very late in the 1st half the Bills were deep in the Patriots territory on third down. Tyrod Taylor threw a nice pass to Charles Clay who appeared to catch it but dropped it as he went to the ground destroying my Christmas cheer and causing me to take a long sip of my Christmas beer.

On the next play, Kelvin Benjamin made a beautiful catch in the corner of the end zone. I felt so good it was like he personally wrapped me a Christmas present. Scrooge himself must of been sitting in the league office with an ax to grind against the Bills. Acting like the Grinch, they overturned the play and began "the process" of ruining my Christmas. The Bills had to settle for a field goal which tied the game at 13.

Halfitme Stats: ***Had to go to church during the game so limited myself to one beer per quarter

2 Beers

12 Wings

1 shitty call by the referees

After half, the Bills managed a field goal on their first drive giving them a 16 - 13 lead. I started to believe in Santa harder than I ever have before but should have known better. The Patriots would get more help from the jolly fat bearded man on their next possession.

New England is perennially on Santa's naughty list, so they must have some serious dirt on him because he gave them another Christmas present from the referees. Maybe the Pats saw mommy kissing Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus doesn't know yet.

On a 4th down, it was ruled that the Bills stopped Dion Lewis just short of the first down marker. Upon review, they once again reversed the call against Buffalo. The Patriots converted the drive into a field goal tying the game.

New England never looked back scoring touchdowns on their next three drives increasing their lead to 37 - 16. I left for church well before the game was over despite questioning whether God actually exists. I feel like it's not possible for a just God to continue to reward the Patriots on a yearly basis.

The game definitely put a sour note on Christmas Eve for a little bit but I quickly shook it off because all along I never expected to win the game, even if I felt they had a chance. After church, I increased my intake of Christmas beers which eventually lead to a changing of my mood into true Christmas cheer. That beer worked a Christmas miracle and my family thanks them very much for its positive effect.

Final Stats: 4 Beers

16 Wings

many shitty calls by the referees

1 Christmas almost ruined

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