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10 Reasons why Santa has been good to Buffalo Bills

Merry Christmas Buffalo Bills fans! Yesterday was a tough loss to the Patriots, mostly because we feel the Bills were playing both the referees as well as New England. I assume that many fans like me are waking up bitter about the way the referees seemed to have interfered with the game more than we are upset about the final outcome of it.

Rather than be angry on a day like Christmas, I decided to come up with some of the reasons why I think Santa has been good to us Bills fans this year in order to brighten our currently Grinch like hearts on this wonderful Christmas Day.

1) A White Christmas

In last years draft, the Bills not only traded down to secure an extra first round pick this year, but they also took Tre'Davious White with their selection. He's not just a potential defensive rookie of the year candidate, but he has also been giving us free dance shows all season long. Although I'm not sure I will need to bust out the below moves anytime soon.

2) Frosty the Shnowman

Dion Dawkins was a choice that I was not that high on because I wasn't sure he could play tackle at the NFL level. I could not have been more wrong. He has been outstanding at left tackle this season and has made Cordy Glenn and his big contract potentially expendable from the roster in the offseason should the team decide to go that way.

3) Gingerbread Hauschka

The Bills lucked out that Seattle let Steven Hauschka walk in free agency. He's proven this year he has a good leg, he's reliable, he can handle kickoffs, and the elements that come along with playing in Buffalo. At just 32 years old, the Bills may have a reliable kicker for many more Christmas seasons.

4) I'll be home for Christmas

The Buffalo Bills held down a 6-2 record at New Era Field this year proving that Sean McDermott's mantra of defending their dirt got through to the players. Their two losses at home were to the Saints and the Patriots who are pretty good teams.

5) Christmas Past

We should thank Santa for the fact that the Bills have so many great hall of fame players who still love and root for this team and the Buffalo community. Guys like Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Steve Tasker, Ruben Brown and so many others still care so deeply about this team that they played for. Their dedication to the Bills community truly embodies the Christmas spirit.

6) Christmas Present

With just one week left in the season, the Bills can get into the playoffs with a win and a Ravens loss as well as other scenarios. It's been a long time since it's been week 17 and there's been such a simple way for the Bills to make the playoffs. I'm not sure if they'll get there or not, but I'm enjoying the emotional roller coaster ride that is the season no matter what the result.

7) Christmas future

The Bills have a coach and general manager who are actually working together with the same vision. This is more of a team than in any other year recently and that was supposed to be something that Rex Ryan was good at. I've been disappointed with many individual decisions made by both McDermott and Beane, but on the whole the two of them have done way more good than bad. They stripped down a roster that most people didn't think could make the playoffs and yet here we are with a week left in the season with a chance at the playoffs. Not only that, but they secured additional draft picks because of some of the moves they made. The Bills Christmas future looks brighter than it has in a while.

8) Deck The Halls

When Sean McDermott was hired he decked the halls with new slogans and phrases like "Trust the Process" and "Playoff Caliber". He knew the building needed a makeover if they were going to build this team from the ground up the right way. The culture finally appears to be changing in Buffalo.

9) Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen, Comet and Cupid, and Donner and where is the Blitzin?

This may seem like a negative pointing out that the Bills pass rush has just 26 sacks and is ranked 6th worst in the league. Fear not Bills fans there are silver bell linings here. Their new zone defensive scheme is not meant to rack up sacks necessarily. It's also meant to pressure the quarterback into making bad reads and throws into zone coverage and that is one of the reasons why the Bills secondary has excelled this year. The Bills are third in the league with 17 interceptions which shows that their new philosophy is working even if the pass rush could be more robust.

10) The Big Fat Man with the long red beard

Kyle Williams of course. Who knows how much longer we'll get to watch him put on a Bills uniform but it's been a true honor to have him spend his days with the team. He exemplifies the city of Buffalo as well as any player who has ever put on a Bills jersey. Every chance we get to watch him out there on that field is a Christmas Miracle. Thank you Kyle Williams and thank you to all of Bills Mafia for making rooting for this team so special. I love you all (even the crazy ones). Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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