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Bills QB Tyrod Taylor loves to fry the fish

The smell wafting out of New Era Field this past Sunday after the conclusion of the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins game was the delicious scent of perfectly fried "mammal fish" cooked up by the teams head chef Tyrod Taylor.

As the Bills chef, Taylor has often failed to concoct delicious meals on a regular basis on game day, including three straight inedible meals against the Jets, Saints and Chargers. There's something about playing the Dolphins though that gets his juices flowing and allows him to prepare a tasty seafood dinner for Bills fans far and wide.

Against the Dolphins, Taylor averages over 246 passing yards per game which is nearly 100 yards higher than his 153 yard career average according to

This past Sunday, the Bills were able to swim right down the field for a touchdown on their opening drive which is the first time that has happened since November of last season. LeSean McCoy got the touchdown on a 4 yard run which was set up by a 25 yard completion to Nick O'Leary on the play prior.

After exchanging punts, Miami would score field goals on their next two drives pulling the game close at 7 - 6 in favor of Buffalo. Shady McCoy, who has been the Bills best player all season, took over on the next drive with runs of 13 and 14 yards. The 14 yard run put him over the 10,000 rushing yard milestone for his career. The last play of the series was a 16 yard catch by McCoy on a nice play call which put the Bills ahead 14 - 6.

Miami punted to Buffalo who finally did something that they have not done all year. They tried to take the fight out of the fish with another score so they could put away the game and reel them in before half. The Bills drive lasted just 1 minute and 50 seconds. They sealed it with a 9 yard Tyrod Taylor scramble for a touchdown. At half, the Bills were the big fish in the sea with a 21 - 6 lead.

Halftime stats: ***was attending my wife's families Hanukkah party after the game so I was purposely restrained my drinking/eating.

3 Beers

7 Wings

1 Dominant half of football played by the Bills

The second half featured many familiar scenes for NFL fans including Jay Cutler going belly up. He tossed up interceptions like it was nobody's business finishing the day with three total including one on each of the first two drives of the second half. Buffalo was able to convert the second Cutler interception of the game into a field goal advancing their lead to 24 - 6.

Also familiar, was Ndamukong Suh who punched Tyrod Taylor in the face as you can see from the clip below on what was probably one of the cleaner plays of his career. Hopefully one of these days the NFL will grow a pair and throw this goon out of the league for his routinely fishy behavior before and after the whistle.

In the fourth quarter, on a key 3rd and goal from Buffalo's one yard line, they stuffed Miami only to have "Adoofus" Washington make a stupid penalty well after the play giving the Dolphins the first down. Miami would score on a 1 yard run making the game 24 - 13 in favor of the Bills.

The Dolphins would scare the bejesus out of me after forcing a Bills punt. They zoomed down the field to the Bills 3 yard line before finally being stopped by the Bills defensive coral reef. They made the field goal to bring the game within one score at 24 - 16.

With just 39 seconds left, all the Bills had to do was recover the onside kick and the game would be over. However, Preston "Brick Hands" Brown ran at the ball in an attempt to pick it up. Instead he bobbled it allowing Miami to recover it with their fins before it traveled 10 yards.

Jay Cutler was pissed. He had worked so hard this game trying to throw it away with his prior two interceptions and his four fumbles (all of which Miami recovered). Cutler, looking to prove he still had more interceptions left in the fish tank, heaved one more to Tre'Davious White sealing the game in Buffalo's favor.

The Bills advanced to 6-2 at home on the season in what could have been Kyle Williams last home game for Buffalo. After the loss, Miami needs to wonder what the porpoise of going on anymore is because their season is Dolfinished.

Final Stats:

5 Beers

10 Wings

1 Huge victory

1 Fish completely squished and then fried

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