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Buffalo Bills plow through Colts for a win in the snow

The Buffalo Bills plowed through the Indianapolis Colts in the midst of a lake effect snow storm in Orchard Park this past Sunday. They were powered by the legs of Shady the Snowman who ran for 156 yards on 32 carries with a touchdown. I knew LeSean McCoy had rubber legs, but I had no idea his legs had even better tread than snow tires. This wasn't the first time Shady dominated in the snow either, he ran for 217 yards against the Lions back in 2013.

As for this past weekends game, it made for an incredible spectacle on television. Not because of the game as much as the conditions and how they affected the game. Snow flakes were accumulating faster on Sunday than Bills fans accumulated boxes of Flutie Flakes back in the day.

The storm didn't relent, so all afternoon it was difficult to throw, kick field goals, punt and pretty much do everything else. If you like Pop Warner Football where they go for it on fourth down and have almost no passing game, this was the game for you.

The Bills first four drives resulted in turnover on downs, punt, turnover on downs and a punt. The Colts first four included a missed field goal, punt, punt, and punt. It was evident early on that there would be no avalanche of points on the day.

The punt on the Colts fourth drive happened right after Tre'Davious White did a magical snow dance on the field during a commercial. His moves must have put the offense in a trance because they finally managed to get a drive going right after it.

On the next possession, McCoy had back to back 23 and 25 yard runs. Nathan Peterman completed the drive with a touchdown pass to the abominable snowman sized Kelvin Benjamin with 1:15 left. The first half ended with what seemed like an insurmountable 7-0 lead based on the conditions and what the offenses were able to do.

Halftime stats:

5 beers

12 wings

1 fascinating snow game

1 almost insurmountable 7-0 lead

BUF 7 - IND 0

The second half followed a similar pattern. The first eight drives featured six punts, a fumble and a turnover on downs. There were a few events in the second half that heated up the drama a bit but not enough to melt the snow on the field.

With nearly five minutes left in the 3rd quarter, Nathan Peterman scrambled but did not give himself up by sliding feet first when he was dashing through the snow. His helmet collided with the defender when he was tackled, causing him to enter the concussion protocol and to leave the game.

Shortly after, Mike Tolbert, who goes by the moniker "Toldozer", broke a long run of 23 yards before getting stripped and losing the football. He moved as fast as a glacier on the play, which for him is an improvement. However, next time it snows, I'll be calling Shady the Snowman, not the Toldozer to help me get my car out. McCoy doesn't crack in the arctic conditions.

With 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter, Ryan Davis got a sack and the Bills defensive line instantly broke out in a snowball fight to celebrate. It was awesome to watch them having fun like kids on the field.

The young, uncastrated male horses, known more formerly as the Colts, were able to defrost their offense just enough to manage a scoring drive. They had a 19 play, 77-yard drive that took about 10 minutes off the clock. They scored a touchdown on a three yard pass to Jack Doyle to snowcap it off.

Due to the conditions, they opted to go for two points to take the lead rather than tie the game. The Colts were successful on the attempt and had it been colder in my apartment, my tears would have instantly frozen to my face.

My personal river of sadness dried up when I saw the zebras throw a magical yellow flag that signified mischievous behavior. They called a penalty on the Colts resulting in them needing a 43 yard extra point for a tie rather than giving them an 8-7 lead. Adam Vinatieri's kick appeared to be wide right but it had a wicked hook on it somehow managing to go between the uprights tying the game at 7.

Joe Webb threw an interception not long after which set the Colts up for a game winning kick from the same distance as the extra point. This time, that same hook that caused the ball to make it last time, caused the ball to move wide left sending the game into snowvertime.

Bills head coach Sean McDermott made a call in overtime that left me and many fans angry. On 4th and 1 at the Colts 41 with 4:30 left they opted to punt the ball back to the Colts rather than go for it. To me, it signified that McDermott has s"no"w balls. It worked out for the coach because the Bills were able to force the Colts to punt regaining the ball with 2:32 left in overtime at their own 35 yard line with no timeouts.

On their final drive, Joe Webb completed a huge pass down the sideline to Deonte Thompson. After, Shady McCoy sealed the deal with a 21 yard touchdown run on 3rd and 4 becoming the most successful person to be associated with the cold since Vanilla Ice. Shady's performance could lead to huge things for him personally, like a sponsorship deal with Iceberg Lettuce.

The Bills shoveled their way to victory in the game keeping their playoff hopes alive. Hopefully they can continue to clear the 17 years of permafrost off their playoff path in the coming weeks.

Final stats:

9 beers

17 wings

1 fascinating snow game

1 wild end to regulation that almost cost Bills the game

BUF 13 - IND 7

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