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Saints prove running on the Bills is so easy, even a caveman can do it

The Buffalo Bills were crushed 47 to 10 by the New Orleans Saints at New Era Field. It was the type of game where it felt like you were watching a bunch of men playing a bunch of boys. If I tried to recount all the details of the game, I'm not sure I would make it to the end of this article so I will try to keep it brief while avoiding many painful details.

The third play of the game was a 36 yard rush for LeSean McCoy. It was the second best rushing attempt for the Bills on the day. The best attempt came from one of their fans, who ran wildly all over the field while buck naked and even threw in a touchdown dance. Somebody sign him up for Mike Tolberts' job, he even dances better than Tolbert.

That wasn't the only time a Bills fan was a hero in this game. After Mark Ingram jumped into the Bills crowd, for what seemed like the 50th time after a rushing TD, one heroic Bills fan tossed a beer on Ingram. Now that's how you defend your dirt!

All Sunday, the Saints were converting rushing first downs at a faster clip than my parents produced children and my parents had 10 kids. New Orleans finished with 298 rushing yards, 20 rushing first downs and SIX rushing touchdowns. It was a complete blood bath.

One of those six touchdowns occurred In the 3rd quarter when Drew Brees rushed for a 7 yard score in what seemed like slow motion yet somehow no Bills were able to make a play on him. That play epitomized the afternoon. When you give up a 7 yard rushing touchdown to a 38 year old, it's probably not your day.

If you're looking for some type of silver lining in this game, Drew Brees entered the game not having thrown a touchdown in his two appearances in Buffalo. That streak continued to three games because the Saints didn't need to throw the ball to score but who cares the reasoning, it still remains true.

The Bills were 4-0 before this game when "defending their dirt". This past Sunday, not only did they not defend it, but their dirt was ransacked and the land was set on fire leaving the earth dried up and barren after New Orleans left town.

Fortunately for the Bills, they are on the road the next two weeks giving them time to rebuild their homeland before the next game at New Era Field against the Patriots in early December. Buffalo has already started that process by sending starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor to the bench in favor of rookie Nathan Peterman against the Chargers this week.

All feels normal again in Buffalo as it wouldn't be a Bills season during the playoff drought without a good old fashioned QB controversy.

Final Stats:

5 Beers

1 Captain and Coke

2 three finger pours of single barrel Jack Daniels

21 Wings

Countless times questioning my own sanity and screaming at the TV

New Orleans 42 - Buffalo 10

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