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Spooky times no more at One Bills Drive

When the Buffalo Bills hired head coach Sean McDermott he thought he knew what he was getting himself into but he had no idea the extent of the damage done by former regimes in Buffalo. When he arrived at One Bills Drive, he found a spooky building whose halls echoed with screams and failures from the past 17 years. It was a haunted place that has been difficult to attract free agents to at times.

McDermott knew it was going to take more than just a fresh coat of paint on the walls to change things for the Bills. He knew he was going to have to perform a complete "Rexorcism" on the building. He needed to clear out all the demons that still lurked in the dark crevices of the organization including stupid penalties, lack of discipline and not getting buy-in from star players.

Unable to close out tight games during the past 17 years, the Bills have looked more like the walking dead than a football team when the games were on the line. McDermott needed to clear the foul stench in the air. There were still echoes in the building of boisterous playoff proclamations and offseason victories declared by their former head coach. McDermott had to chase these goblins and ghouls far away from Orchard Park so that they never, ever, think about coming back.

In order to get started on his "Rexorcism", McDermott did a process assessment. When McDermott went looking for the process in Buffalo, to see if he could trust it, he discovered the scariest thing of all...

There were no processes in place! There was no process in Buffalo to trust! Oh the humanity!

The Buffalo Bills have a long way to go but Sean McDermott has provided a ray of light for a franchise whose playoff hopes have been haunted for so long. This Halloween, things don't seem so spooky anymore at One Bills Drive.


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