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Buffalo Bills defense selfish, doesn't share points with others

All three of the Buffalo Bills opponents this year have filed complaints with the NFL that the team does not play nice. Many accusations were made against the Bills but chief among them is that they just won't share points with others or let people dance in their end zone often enough.

The New York Jets filed a complaint after a Week 1 loss to the Bills in which they only scored one touchdown and 12 total points. One Jets player was quoted as saying "They wouldn't allow us to tie the game with a two point conversion. We were hoping to extend our play date into overtime so that maybe we could get more points. But selfishly they denied us that opportunity. They are real spoiled brats!"

The Carolina Panthers beat the Bills but shockingly they had the most complaints out of any team. Their biggest grievance was that Buffalo did not allow them to score a touchdown and dance in the end zone in their home opener. Sure they won, but it was completely disrespectful of the Bills. Some of the Panthers players had been practicing their touchdown dances for the home crowd all offseason.

Carolina even hinted that the Bills were taunting them to try and score on them. Head coach Ron Rivera was quoted as saying "We had first and goal twice, and once from the 1 yard line and both times they held us to just a field goal, preventing our players from performing their touchdown celebrations. Also that kid Jordan Poyer knocked the hell out of Kelvin Benjamin on what would have been a touchdown. I'm not sure where that came from. That lunatic was acting like this was a football game or something. We're just trying to dance on Sunday's"

The Denver Broncos also filed a complaint after this past weeks game. They complained that even though they got to score a touchdown, the Bills didn't let them pass the ball into the end zone which was not very polite considering how far they traveled in the air to get to Buffalo. They also mentioned that the Bills have given up the fewest points in the NFL and haven't let up a passing touchdown all season which is statistical proof of how selfish Buffalo is.

Broncos head coach, Vance Joseph, admitted "We were so desperate to play in their end zone one more time after scoring earlier in the game that I was willing to go for it on 4th and 2 from our own 31 yard line. Only an insane person would do that!"

The Bills responded back to these accusations. Their quarterback Tyrod Taylor said, "I tried to make a deal with Von Miller to let them play in our end zone one last time but when we went to shake on it, he pulled his hand away. I'm still not sure why he did that."

In light of this news, one has to wonder if the real reason the NFL gets called the "No Fun League" is because the Buffalo Bills defense doesn't allow opposing offenses to have any fun so far this season.


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