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Former Bills CB Stephon Gilmore has alter ego

Former Buffalo Bills cornerback Stephon Gilmore has an alter ego that was only recently discovered. Bills fans were used to seeing his ups and downs during his tenure in Buffalo, however, it was not until recently that I stumbled upon what was causing his big variation in performance.

In order to clarify, let me give you a brief history lesson from a very reputable source known as "the television". If you are a fan of the show Family Matters, featuring Jaleel White as Steve Urkel, you might remember that Steve had an alter ego.

Steve Urkel was a big nerd, but his alter ego, Stefan Urquelle, was a pimped out playa from the streets whose moves were smoother than a babies bottom. His crush, Laura, couldn't tell that he was really the same person as Steve but without the suspenders, glasses and terrible fashion sense. As it turns outs, Gilmore has a similar condition.

In Gilmore's case, he transforms from Stephon Gilmore to Stephen Gilmore. Much like Stefan Urquelle, Stephon Gilmore is the better version of the two. When he is in Stephon mode, he is playing physical, covering well and can be one of the better corners in the league. The problem is, Stephon seems to have lost his mojo and has been playing like Stephen Gilmore more often than not lately.

Stephen was in the game Week 1 against the Chiefs when he was burned on this play for a touchdown. Gilmore tweeted out in the offseason that "My people finally going to get to see me play on tv". Let's hope his people knew about his split personalities because if that was the first time they saw Stephen Gilmore try to cover, they might not believe that they were watching the same person.

Luckily, for the rest of us, Gilmore is now on national television and the whole world knows how badly his alter ego covers. Gilmore might have been biting off more than he can chew by heading to the Patriots this offseason. If I had a deep dark secret about my alter ego, I wouldn't be so anxious to be on national television out of fear that my secret could be exposed.

For Gilmore, that is no longer the case one week into this season. Now the whole world knows about his secret much the way we all found out about Stefan Urquelle in Family Matters. If I was Bill Belichick I would double check that five-year $65 million contract that Gilmore signed. He might be surprised to see that it was signed by Stephen Gilmore and not Stephon.


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