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Sean McDermott furious Buffalo Bills didn't sign John Rambo

When Sean McDermott heard that Rambo was a free agent he jumped at the opportunity to sign him. While John Rambo has a checkered past and might not be a high character guy, his toughness and aggression were too much to pass up for McDermott. When Bacarri Rambo showed up to practice, McDermott was quoted as saying "Who the F is this guy? Where is Sylvester?" to general manager Brandon Beane. Beane shot back "Coach, Sylvester Stallone is 71 years old. He could not survive on a football field when he was young, let alone at this age."

McDermott replied "Haven't you seen him in The Expendables? That dude is cut. He still has it. The fact that you don't see it has me questioning your judgement. I wonder if you are fit to be general manager."

Beane replied back "Terry told me I would have ultimate say over the roster. You don't get to control that. This was my decision"

McDermott, stealing a line from John Rambo, replied "In town you're the law. Out here it's me."

Beane, picking up on the Rambo reference, felt the coach was losing it a bit. He tried to squash the beef. "Ok coach, whatever you say. How do we move forward at this point?"

McDermott, quoting Rambo again, replied "Day by Day."

Beane was becoming more alarmed at this point as McDermott's eyes had a fire behind them. He thought the threat of telling Terry Pegula might calm down the impassioned head coach. He said "Sean let's go talk with Terry. He'll tell us what to do."

McDermott was irate at this point. He was in some weird trance where his body had been taken over by the spirit of John Rambo.

McDermott yelled "I don't take orders from anyone but Colonel Samuel Trautman. He was my commanding officer back in Vietnam."

Beane was trying anything at this point "Sean, Colonel Samuel Trautman is a fictional character from a movie. Please snap out of it."

McDermott did not like that. He barked, "Don't you ever say that again about my Colonel or I'll kill you. Just like they killed all the members of my unit including one of my best friends Delmar Barry. Don't you dare disrespect their memories."

Beane, fearing for his life, knew he needed to end this situation quickly but he was afraid to turn his back and walk away. He thought quickly and decided what to do. He knew McDermott cared about his family and religion most of all and he decided that was what he needed to remind him of.

Beane said "Sean, I know you are in there somewhere. I just want to know one thing and then I will leave you alone. How was church this morning with your family?"

Instantly Beane could see the fire dying down behind McDermott's eyes.

Sean replied "It was wonderful. The choir sounded as lovely as ever and the sermon really hit home. What a special morning in God's house it was."

At that moment McDermott looked to his right and saw Bacarri Rambo. Beane held his breathe in anticipation of another outburst.

Sean commented "Oh Bacarri is here! I'm super excited to see him out there with our team. If he pans out, we gonna Bacarri like it's your birthday Brandon."

At that last corny line, McDermott walked away whistling hymn's from church while heading over to talk to offensive coordinator Rick Dennison as if nothing weird just happened.

Brandon Beane just stood there in shock shaking his head, completely befuddled by his interaction with Sean McDermott. Beane knew one thing for sure, he couldn't risk having a repeat of this incident so he decided to release Bacarri Rambo along with a few other players just a few short days ago.


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