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Rex and Rob Ryan get into bar fight

Former Buffalo Bills coaches Rex and Rob Ryan, who look like they could be the tag team heavyweight champions of the WWE, were videotaped back in June testing their fighting meddle in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, before a Stanley Cup Finals game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Nashville Predators.

There is video tape of the fight, but it does not provide enough clarity as to what happened. The Ryan's have one story and Matt Havel, the accuser, has another about what proceeded beforehand. Luckily, I was able to completely make up a few quotes which should help provide some color as to what may have happened.

Matt Havel: "Hey Rex, did you order hand cut fries or do you prefer toe cut fries?"

Rex Ryan: "You better shut up before I put your foot in your mouth. Who knows, you just might like it."

Matt Havel: "You only win about 48% of the time anyway in your career. I'm sure you're no better at fighting. I'm not afraid of you."

Rob Ryan: "You better be afraid! Do you know who you are talking to? You're picking a fight with the wrong people brother! You don't want to start a fight with the tag team wrestling legends Sexy Rexy and Rob the Blob!"

Matt Havel: "You're right. I don't want to pick a fight with anyone crazy enough to call themselves Sexy Rexy and Rob the Blob. You guys aren't worth my time."

After all of those made up quotes, that's when the fight erupted. As shown in a video featured on Bleacher Report -- The scuffle starts when a patron appears to push Rex Ryan, wearing a Bryce Harper jersey, who spins out of the way. Rob Ryan comes to his brother’s defense, lunging for the man and putting his hand up to his neck, tilting his head back against the wall. The man eventually pushes Rob’s arm away to free himself.

The fact that Rex and Rob Ryan have a sordid past including being part of biker gang (as seen at the top of this article) will not help their sentencing in court should they be found guilty of simple assault.

However, let's not be so quick to believe the Ryan's accusers. You can tell that Matt Havel was embellishing. One of his statements is clearly false. According to Bleacher Report, Havel said "All of a sudden, they were coming at me in a blur. It happened so quick."

We all know that the Ryan don't do anything quickly so one should take Havel's statements with a grain of salt. Just like the grains of salt in the margaritas at the Nashville restaurant called Margaritaville where the Ryan brothers got into the fight with Matt Havel.


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