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Nelly vs. Jonathan Williams: Missed Opportunities

Jonathan Williams was trying to bust his friends' chops on twitter when all the sudden he found himself in quite the "dilemma". One of his comments to his friend was the below tweet where he called out the only two rappers from St. Louis that he knew, since his friend was also from St. Louis.

Little did Williams know but one of the rappers he mentioned, Nelly, has a lot of time on his hands since he hasn't dropped an album in almost four years. Apparently, Nelly now spends his time searching his own name on twitter "over and over again" starting beef with anyone who mocks him as evidenced by this most recent incident. Nelly was not pleased at all and fired back to Jonathan Williams with the below tweet.

Williams essentially responded to the rapper that the last time he checked, special teams was a part of football. Which begs the question, how often is Williams checking on whether special teams is part of football? Is he concerned that special teams would not be part of it one day? But I digress.

Jonathan Williams missed a chance to throw one of Nelly's lyrics back in his face that probably had a band-aid on it. He should have said, "Oh yea, then why don't you come and take a ride wit me on special teams and see if you survive". Williams didn't though and a tremendous opportunity was lost.

Nelly responded back to Williams letting him know that he is one missed block away from ending up on the practice squad. Williams once again missed another great opportunity. He responded "how you got time and you a rapper and the GM for the Bills?" What he should have said was "You never made the NFL. It's "only just a dream". I'm living the dream. The closest you got to the NFL was acting in the Longest Yard"

After the previous tweet, Nelly finally sent out a lighthearted tweet that he was just joking. Luckily they resolved the fight before they threw down in fisticuffs because it was getting "hot in herre". Had it actually developed into a real fight, Nelly might have needed more than one band-aid on his face afterwards considering Williams is a professional athlete.

Altercations like these are hard to avoid when someone with an ego sits at home on twitter all day looking to see who tweeted about them so that they can pick fights with professional athletes or strangers. Maybe Nelly and society would be better served if he was teaching grammar out in the country and keeping a lower profile on twitter.


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