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Buffalo Bills Make Sensible Moves, I Lose My Voice

The NFL Draft is a happy time of year when even the fans of the worst run organizations can feel optimism about their teams. Every franchise adds young talent with plenty of upside and it's easy to get carried away with what that potential could become.

For the past decade it's been a tradition that I get together with my friends in New York City at bar to watch the first round. My friends love watching the draft with me because I'm an emotional fan who wears his heart on his sleeve. Add a few beers to that and you are sure to get a show.

Take 2010 for example when the Buffalo Bills took C.J. Spiller with the 9th pick. I immediately slammed the table with my fist. Our table was not sturdy so my beer went flying up into the air and came crashing down on the floor of the bar, shattering my mug along with my hopes and dreams into a million pieces. My friends all had a nice laugh and I died a little bit inside.

Similar angry reactions are very common with me while I watch the Bills draft. Maybe it has to do with the Bills choices or maybe it's just my nature because my last name is Moody. This year was different though.

The Bills were on the clock at number 10 when it was announced there was a trade with the Kansas City Chiefs down to 27. I opened up my mouth to scream but no words came out. I went to go type angry things on twitter, but my fingers wouldn't cooperate. What was happening? Did I lose my voice? Has carpel tunnel syndrome finally set in? Was I having a stroke?

Without the ability to yell or type, I was left with nothing but my thoughts. My mind began to focus on negative thoughts. Why did they trade down so far with so many talented players still on the board? Would we still be able to get a good LB, S, WR, or CB at 27? Did the Bills make a mistake?

I patiently waited another 17 picks for Buffalo to make their selection pondering all the possible guys who could fall to that spot. When they were finally on the clock they announced their pick of cornerback Tre'Davious White out of LSU.

Once again I opened my mouth to scream but no yell came out. I went to type on twitter and my fingers were working finally. However, when I read what I typed it wasn't an angry or frustrated statement but rather a positive tweet filled with happiness.

What was this strange sensation I was feeling? Was it joy? Did the Bills actually do the right thing? Is this what it feels like to have happiness in your football life? I didn't know how to handle it. I felt like a C+ student who got back a paper with an A+ on it who looks up at the teacher with the expression "you sure this is mine?"

I'm not a Bills hater by any means. I love my team but I'm just not that used to them making me happy, especially on draft day. It's not that I think all their drafts have been disasters, in fact I was satisfied with last years draft but this year's first round was on another level.

Even when they picked Sammy Watkins, I was happy they got a great player but they paid a mortgage for him and while the story is yet to be written, I think it is fair to say he is not really a generational player. Odell Beckham Jr. and Mike Evans both came out of the same draft meaning the Bills didn't need to move up to get an elite wideout.

This year though, the Bills not only traded down stock piling an extra third round pick and a first round next pick year but they also drafted a player at a position of need who can start right away. Pro Football Focus tweeted that he was the second best corner on their board. On top of his talent White is considered a high character guy who was also the valedictorian in high school. The Bills got great value and didn't even have to draft a player who needed surgery to get that value like last year.

The more I thought about the pick the happier and happier I was got about it. It was a strange feeling for me being so happy on draft day. One that I could even get used to some day.


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