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Revolutionary Buffalo Bills Form Leadership Council

Recent news out of One Bills Drive has Sean McDermott indicating that he wants to try a revolutionary new idea called a "leadership council". According to, the head coach said “I’m a big believer in leadership, and player-driven leadership, the players having a part of this. The ownership part of this is big, and empowering those guys -- and that leadership council will help me with that.”

As a longtime Bills fan, I can't tell you how excited I am to see the team take such drastic steps to bring back a winning football team. It's clear that they are leaving no stone unturned on their quest to end their playoff drought. Creating a whole council just for leaders? It's genius! Why has no one thought of this before?

According to Bills insider Chris Brown, "McDermott intends to put together a select group of players from the roster who embody his philosophy of what it takes to become a winning team."

That leaves us fans to ponder...What would this so called leadership council look like? Let's try to imagine...You have a roster full of players but not all players can be leaders so we must designate the leaders with a special phrase. Who knows what imaginative phrase the Bills might come up with to call their leaders but for the sake of this article I'll just pull one out of my backside and call them "captains". (note to self - trademark this phrase before someone else uses it).

The Bills new cutting edge leadership structure which includes a "council" and potentially players called "captains" is sure to give them a leg up on the rest of league who aren't innovative enough to come up with ideas like this themselves. With futuristic changes like this going on at One Bills Drive how could you not get excited about the Bills this year?

As a fan, I can't wait to see what other changes the new regime comes up with. Who knows, maybe next they will think of something even crazier like putting a "C" on the jersey of the "captain". Now that would be some serious next generation stuff!!!


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