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Is Sean McDermott a Hibernating Bear?

The Buffalo Bills hired head coach Sean McDermott on January 11th, 2017. Since his initial press conference he has mostly gone under the radar and very little has been heard out of One Bills Drive. This left me to ponder: Is Sean McDermott a hibernating bear?

McDermott made a public appearance at the NFL Combine after the weather had warmed up. He had a few updates for Bills fans in his press conference. He mentioned that no decision has been made on Tyrod Taylor and that he is working closely with Doug Whaley on the matter. He said that LeSean McCoy will not be going anywhere despite speculation he could be a cap casualty. He confirmed the team would not apply the franchise tag to Stephon Gilmore and that Kyle Williams would return for another season.

The appearance at the combine leads me to believe the head coach of the Bills could be a bear as they come out of hibernation when the weather warms and there is more prey to hunt. With the recent increase in temperature this could be the reason he woke up from hibernation.

McDermott was a championship wrestler in his younger days but there are no reports of a "bear hug" being his signature move. This is the first indication that we have that he might not be a bear. Bears can hibernate up to 7 and a half months a year. McDermott's disappearance, while pronounced, was certainly not that long. Another score for him not being a bear.

When he signed his contract with the Bills, I didn't notice any razor sharp claws on his hands which could indicate he's a bear. Also, no confirmed reports of an addiction to honey is another fact leading me to believe he's not actually a bear.

Bears are furry animals which use their fat and thick coat to stay warm. McDermott doesn't have much hair on his head or fat on his body so it's not very likely that he's a bear.

If anything Bills former head coach Rex Ryan has a more similar physique than their current coach to a bear and I'm sure there is a photo out there somewhere of Rex eating honey out of the jar like Winnie the Pooh. Oh wait, I just made one!

So it seems that most of the facts point to Sean McDermott being a human and not a hibernating bear. However, if there are reports mid-season of him lashing Jerry Hughes to death with his claws for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty you'll remember that you heard it here first that Sean McDermott could possibly be more bear than man.


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