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Ode to Beast Mode

You always played like a beast On skittles you loved to feast You once caused a "Beast Quake" Yeah that's right you made the earth shake You were all about that action boss Stiff arming defenders, down to the ground they would be tossed You didn't always feel the need to talk But you always walked the walk You were always sporting the finest grills You were drafted by, my team, the Buffalo Bills You were more than a player you made your own brand You helped lead the 2013 Seahawks to the promise land. You didn't need anymore swag to add to your bling But that didn't stop you from getting your Super Bowl Ring Many loved you from Buffalo to Seattle When it came time for a game you were always ready to battle You let us know you were done with a simple picture of cleats It was a pleasure to watch you play, you deserve to kick up your feet

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