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New Years Resolutions For Bills Fans

So it's that time of year again when people make New Years Resolutions that they are likely to break sometime in January. I decided to think about some resolutions I would like to make as a Bills fan and some other that I completely made up that I am sure apply to many of the Bills fans currently out there. So here goes.

  1. I will not cry on a Sunday because the Bills lost

  2. I will not Billieve any of Rex Ryan's promises about the playoffs

  3. I will not ruin anymore Bills jerseys by getting hot sauce all over myself when I eat buffalo wings

  4. I will stop mentioning and thinking it's a good idea for a 73 year old Bill Polian to come back to Buffalo in a "football czar" role.

  5. I will act slightly more like an adult in the parking lot before games (just slightly. I love the videos)

  6. I will stop mentioning how good this team would be with Jim Schwartz as either the head coach or the defensive coordinator.

  7. I will stop paying attention to anything that Jason La Conforna writes or says about the Buffalo Bills.

  8. I will stop bringing up every free agent, backup or college quarterback I am aware of as a possibility for the Buffalo Bills after every play in which the Bills quarterback does something wrong.

  9. I will not expect to make the playoffs next season no matter how much talent is on the roster. I will only hope for the playoffs.

  10. I will continue to try and ignore my day job as much as possible so that I can focus my full attention to everything Buffalo Bills related.

Happy New Years Bills Fans! I hope you all have a terrific 2016!


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