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Week 16: Picture/Gif Recap BUF vs DAL

The above picture is probably as excited as I got all Sunday outside of the Gillislee run which I will refer to later. This game was just as boring as I had expected it to be. The Bills threw only 18 times for 179 yards compared with running the ball 40 times for 236 yards. While their running game was way more effective than their passing game it was also pretty clear that the Bills wanted to avoid the pass as they continued to favor the run despite only being up three points late in the game. I, for one, would have preferred to see them try and air it out and let Tyrod work on his throws since these games mean nothing.

As they have done all season, the Bills played inconsistently during the game. The defense played much better than previous few weeks. They only allowed 6 points but they still gave up plenty of extra yards on missed tackles and poor coverage. Beating the 4th QB used by the Cowboys this season isn't that much of a feat considering the Cowboys are 1-10 without Romo. The game was sealed on a 50 yard run by Gillislee "the gazelle" with under 3 minutes left to play. This put the Bills up 16 to 6 and they were able to close it out from there.

For the most part I was hoping to see over the last two games improved quarterback play, sustained offensive drives, better tackling on defense, better communication on defense and fewer penalties. The defense definitely played better and the team didn't have many penalties but to me it is still pretty obvious this team has a lot to work on during the last game against the Jets and in the off-season if they want to make the playoffs next year.


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