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Week 14: Picture Recap BUF vs PHI

Another year of Bills football and another year of sending our playoff chances straight off a cliff like Thelma & Louise with a few weeks left in the season. With yesterday's Bills loss and wins by the Jets, Chiefs and Steelers, the Bills playoff hopes are almost certainly dead although still mathematically possible. I am as disappointed as anyone with this outcome especially since mistakes and penalties were a major reason for losing some of those games.

It was another terribly frustrating up and down season in Buffalo and there are a lot of questions that need to be addressed in the off season. For the remainder of this year it's important for the team to continue to try to find out as much about themselves as they can over the remaining few games (i.e. is Tyrod the answer? Are our young OL any good? etc) Unfortunately much like the players alluded to in the "Four Falls of Buffalo" 30 for 30, there is really nothing else to do at this point but pick ourselves up from these crushing defeats and try again next year. 16 years and counting....


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