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Bills vs Jets: The Most Important Game of the Year

You always hear players, coaches and the media hyping up games during the season by telling you how it's the "most important game of the season" for a team only a few weeks later to find those same people calling a different game the most important of that same teams season.

Well here are a few reasons why the Bills vs Jets this Thursday night really is the most important game of the Bills season to date and will most likely be the most important game the Bills play until the next time they play the Jets in the last week of the season in which both teams might be fighting for the final wildcard spot.

1) A win would make the Bills 1-0 versus the Jets this season. With a win they could do no worse than tie the head to head tie breaker with the Jets for the wildcard and that would mean the Jets would need to beat the Bills Week 17 in order to make that tie happen.

2) It's a divisional game. A win versus the Jets would make the Bills 3-1 and the Jets 1-2 in the division. For the wildcard if two divisional teams tie for a wildcard spot it goes to head to head record which the Bills would at worst tie for and then to divisional record where the Bills would have a major advantage.

3) A win versus a divisional opponent is really like a win and a half in terms of what it means for playoff tiebreakers. A win versus the Jets would improve the Bills overall record this season, would improve the Bills record head to head versus the Jets this season (first tie-breaker if tied with the Jets), would improve the Bills divisional record (2nd tie breaker if tied with the Jets) and would improve the Bills conference record (3rd tie breaker if tied with the Jets).

4) A win would increase the Bills conference record to 5-3 which would be better than all of their main wildcard competition with Pittsburgh at 2-4 and the Jets and Raiders at 4-3 in the conference.

5) Winning this game would prove that the Bills can indeed win two consecutive games which they have not done all season. It would improve the Bills record with Tyrod Taylor to 5-2 . As long as he can stay healthy the Bills should be able to accumulate enough wins over the remainder of the season to be right in the mix for the final wildcard spot.

6) A win by the Bills would move them into 6th place in the AFC playoff standings at worst which is good enough for the last wildcard spot and with a loss by Pittsburgh (who will most likely be without starting QB Ben Roethlisberger) to Cleveland this week the Bills would move up to the 5th spot in the AFC. They would then control their destiny for the remainder of the season which is all you can ask for as a fan.

So there you have it. This game is extremely critical to the Bills season and with a win this week they can really improve their playoff chances and will control their own destiny for the remainder of the season. Let's Go Bills! BillsBills vs Jets coverage

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