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Buffalo Bills brass almost crashes for Josh Allen

Recently, USA Today and many other outlets have reported on a frightening scare the top members of the Buffalo Bills organization experienced on a flight out to Laramie, Wyoming to workout and meet with quarterback Josh Allen who they would end up selecting at No. 7 overall in the 2018 NFL Draft.

The reports indicate that owner Terry Pegula was standing, going over Josh Allen's tape with general manager Brandon Beane, when the plane hit what's called a mountain wave causing it to experience extreme turbulence. According to their description, the passengers were bouncing around the plane and it was a chaotic scene.

Brian Daboll was on facetime with his wife fearing they might not make it, while Sean McDermott remained cool, calm, and collected just like you'd want your head coach to be in a high pressure situation. What wasn't reported is the following details that I'm about to concoct and share with you now.

It was reported that assistant general manager Joe Schoen was videotaping the whole thing, but what wasn't mentioned was the creepy smile on his face while doing it, almost like he wanted something bad to happen. He made his colleagues feel extremely uncomfortable in an already tense situation and for that, they will never forgive him.

Terry Pegula, who was caught standing in the aisle at the time of the turbulence, was struggling to make it back to his seat. Below is a dead on reenactment of Mr. Pegula struggling back to his chair and definitely not a clip from Seinfield.

Sure, Sean McDermott was reported as calm, but that's only because he had just gone on one of his legendary cereal binges shortly before and the dozens of gallons of milk involved had eased him into an almost comatose state. He could feel the milk sloshing around side to side in his stomach and it reminded him of swaying back and forth on a hammock with birds chirping in the background on a Caribbean Island. He achieved a state of inner peace that only the Dalai Lama could identify with.

There was someone on the plane who wasn't as calm. As the turbulence started, Brandon Beane's mind went to one thing. If this plane went down, the organization would lose most of their major leaders which would devastate the franchise. He knew he had to get the message out there as to which quarterback the Bills should pick in case they didn't make it. He searched for a messenger pigeon on the plane so he could release one of the most important messages in Buffalo Bills history that he had just scribbled on a sticky note:

Beane began screaming at the top of his lungs "Does anyone have a pigeon? Who brought a pigeon? I need a freaking pigeon right now!"

The rest of the passengers on the plane looked around in bewilderment not having any idea to what Beane's plan might be. Before they could question his sanity, the turbulence died out and they were able to touch down safely on the ground.

Despite the strange events that occurred on board the Pegula's private plane, they made their meeting with Josh Allen. Later they would find out that Josh Allen was warming up for his workout with the Bills by launching footballs into the air leading up to their arrival. That was the cause of the atmospheric waves they experienced. Once they found out about that, they knew Allen was their guy and the rest is history.


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