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Fake Tweets from Brandon Beane Burner Account

May 31, 2018

Yesterday, The Ringer reported that Philadelphia 76ers President of Basketball Operations, Bryan Colangelo, has potentially operated five burner twitter accounts that have tweeted many ridiculous things that seem to serve his own interests while undermining the organization that employs him. He fessed up to owning one of the twitter accounts, which left many to speculate whether front office executives in various leagues could potentially have burner accounts as well.


I started to ponder, what would a Brandon Beane burner twitter account look like? The thought tickled my brain, so I had to create it. Read on for some wild tweets by "@DontBeAJellyBeane", a made up burner account by me for Brandon Beane. 


This fake account started off with tweets mocking the past regime starting with the head coach... 

Then the account moved on to the former general manager...

Things got more than a little strange when he raved about his handling of the salary cap...



It only got weirder from there, as the account applauded all of the moves he has made since joining the Buffalo Bills while finding a way to weave in his boyish good looks whenever he could. Trust me, he wasn't shy about it...


Despite these tweets being highly suspicious as coming from Beane, who knows if this is a real burner twitter account of his or not. Oh wait, I do know, because I'm the one who made up the account and tweets :-) Hope you enjoyed them.


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