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The First Annual Silly Billy Awards!

Now that the Bills season is officially over it's time to hand out some awards!

Category: Most exuberant celebration of an off-sides penalty:

Winner: E.J. Manuel - You Da Real MVP E.J. The Bills drafted E.J. in the first round because they saw something in E.J. that no one else did. They were greatly rewarded for the risk they took on this high draft pick when E.J. was able to use his remarkable cadence to get the Jets to jump off-sides at a critical point in the game.

Category: The Rick Astley Award (Most likely to never give you up, let you down, run around or hurt you)

Winner: Eric Wood - a leader for the Bills offense who played consistently well all year without many big mistakes. He graded out as the 5th best center in the league according to Pro Football Focus. His improved play from last season was helped out by having Richie Incognito on his side.

Category: Least Favorite Williams Award

Winner: Mario Williams. This one was easy. No effort, paid too much, Bye Felicia!

Category: Favorite Williams Award

Winner: Karlos Williams. While the early favorites would normally have been Kyle or Aaron due to injuries Karlos was able to run away with this competition with a very admiral rookie campaign that included 9 total touchdowns.

Category: Worst in Season Haircut

Winner: Dan Carpenter. Please bring back those long locks Danny boy!

Category: Most Likely To Not Shake Someone's Hand

Winner: LeSean McCoy - If Shady does not like you, he ain't shakin' shit. It's that simple.

Category: Most Valuable Player:

Winner: Sammy Watkins - Sammy was able to stay healthier than LeSean McCoy and really blossomed over the second half of the season amassing 1,000 yards total on the year and showing that he deserves to be considered among the top receivers in the NFL.

Category: Least Valuable Player:

Winner: Mario Williams - Not only did he have one of his worst statistical seasons but he graded out a negative 12.7 according to Pro Football Focus which is near the bottom at his position. Considering his salary, he greatly under-performed and was probably the least productive Bills player per dollar.

Category: Most Likely To Lose Job Due To NFL Rule Change

Winner: Dan Carpenter. The new extra point ruled screwed with Carpenter's head causing him to miss six this season. He did ok as far as field goals but considering he doesn't do the kickoffs for Buffalo either he will continue to deplete his value to the Bills if he cannot be relied upon to kick the PAT attempts.

Category: Comeback Player Of The Year:

Winner: Richie Incognito - It feels weird giving an award to a player coming back from being blackballed by the NFL due to a bullying scandal but Richie behaved himself all year and had a pro bowl season to boot. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Category: Needs to Drink More Milk Award:

Winner: Karlos Williams. He was injured three times during the season (concussion, knee, shoulder) and he also had a pre-season mystery procedure. Please drink some more milk Karlos so that you can stay healthy and continue to be a touchdown machine.

Category: Most Likely To Get Sacked Award:

Winner: Mario Williams. Get it? Now pack your bags Mario and get out of town!

Category: Rookie Of The Year:

Winner: Ronald Darby - What a great second round pick by the Buffalo Bills. When the season started, Bills fans were concerned about how the team would fair with Leodis McKelvin sidelined but not only did Darby alleviate those concerns but he took Leodis' job.

Category: Most Likely To Have Falsely Told High School Girlfriend That They Would Be Together Forever Award

Winner: Rex Ryan - He loves to tug at the heart strings of the fans of the teams he has coached only to over-promise and under-deliver. No reason to believe that he didn't do the same thing to some innocent girl back in High School.

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed the First Annual Silly Billy Awards. Who knows if even one person likes these awards maybe there will be a second annual awards ceremony.



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